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Hello again!

A few of us on Team Spacebase came down with a cold recently.  Fortunately our doctors have assured us it is not any kind of deadly space virus, and it hasn’t deterred us from making good progress towards two things:

The first is the Alpha 1c build, due sometime tomorrow.  This is another minor update that provides a fix for the Retina Mac issues.

The second is Alpha 2, due sometime in November.  This will be the first of many major updates that add new features, major improvements, and generally increase the depth and breadth of things to do in the game.

For Alpha 2, the most signficant new things will be Food and Hunger.  Citizens will get hungry, and you’ll have some options for how to keep starvation at bay.  Food Replicators satisfy hunger in a basic way, but citizens are most happy eating prepared meals in Pubs.  But where does this food come from?  It’s grown, in Garden Zones by citizens assigned to Botanist duty.

See the screenshot above for a work-in-progress shot of what Garden Zones will look like, as well as one of the foods that will grow there.  Jeremy recently took to the forums to ask our players what sorts of things they’d like to see growing in gardens, and we were blown away by their creativity!  The “Icky Pod” shown above was suggested by forum user Bartosh.

Alpha 2 will also have fixes for some of the balance issues players have been running into.  Technicians setting everything on fire will no longer be a major problem, and the rate and conditions under which derelicts show up will be more friendly.

We think Alpha 2 will be a good indication of what to expect from monthly updates.  We’ve got more to talk about soon.  Thanks for reading!

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